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Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

Remote Controlled Grab Buckets

Simplex manufactures high technology Radio Remote Controlled Grab Buckets, for diverse bulk material handling applications.

The obvious advantages of these Grab Buckets are:

  • Decreased cycle time thereby reducing operational cost.
  • Enhanced ease and convenience of operation.
  • Controlled opening of the grab, enabling a single Grab to discharge cargo into any kind of Hopper irrespective of the size.
  • No cables between Transmitter and Receiver, thereby no maintenance hassles due to cable faults.
  • Can be operated from a distance of 100 meters.
  • Shockless, noiseless and smooth operation.
Remote Controlled Grab Buckets
Universal Drill Machines

An indigenuously developed product for the mining industry, Simplex Universal Drilling Machines (UDM) mechanises drilling operations, ensures safety of workers and increases productivity in underground Coal mining.

Operating on Electro-Hydraulic power, the machine is extremely light in weight and compact, which makes it ideally suited to gallery sizes upto 3.5 m high and 4.5 m width in underground coal mines. All electricals are flame proof, all hydraulic elements are designed to work with fire resistant fluid or water oil emulsion. Being fully indigenous in design, modification and changes, if required, can be made easily to upgrade the machine features.

For further details and advantages of UDM, please check out Manufacturing > Mining

Universal Drill Machines
Rolling Stock

Simplex is a leading manufacturer of various types of Rolling Stock which includes:

  • Different types of Wagons for in-plant movement.
  • Self Propelled Transfer Cars.
  • Various types of Cars for Coke Ovens.
  • Hot Metal Transfer Car with Ladles upto 300 Tons.
  • Slag Ladle Car with Cup upto 16 cu mtr.
  • Tundish Car and Transfer Car for Steel Melting Shop.
  • Torpedo Ladle Cars.
  • Fabricated Bogie Frames for Locomotives and Coaches.

Simplex is fully equipped with all the facilities required for design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of cars/special purpose wagons. Simplex has a supply record of more than 800 no's. of special purpose cars with timely delivery. The performance of vehicles supplied by Simplex speaks of the quality of design and manufacture. Simplex also manufactures and supplies Rolling Stock as per customer’s design also.


Simplex offers a wide variety of pre-fabricated modular factory built structures for Thermal Power projects, Hydel Power Projects, Rail and Road Bridge projects, Industrial Sheds, Warehouses and Storage Godowns, Shopping Malls, Stadiums and Sports Arenas, etc.

These factory built structures have greater accuracy as compared to site fabrication, are ready to erect on foundation and can be delivered as per erection schedule, thereby adding to the speed and quality of project execution. Additionally, going for factory built structures cuts down on workforce at project site and reduces inventory costs of consumables such as power, gas, electrodes, etc.

Simplex also offers factory built H-Welded and I-Welded Beams of upto 18 m length for use in Floor Beams, Crane Girders, Columns, Tie Beams, etc. Structures offered by Simplex may be Grit Blasted and Epoxy Painted, if required by buyer.