Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

Managing Director

Vijay Hiralal Shah

Simplex was founded by my grand-father, Late Shri. Bhanji Monji Shah, in the city of Jabalpur way back in 1941. The company made a modest beginning with manufacturing of agriculture implements and other light engineering structures. Today, we have attained a respectable repute in the global engineering market driven by the pioneering efforts of the company in various areas across all industrial core sectors. Our customer list today includes who’s who of the Indian Industry and several leading International brands.


Lata Vijay Shah

At Simplex we strive to provide the best working environment for our people to achieve excellence in our craft which in turn enables us to attain customer satisfaction. We promote women to work not only in our offices but even in our manufacturing facilities empowering them to be able to surpass their male counterparts.


Ravi Vijay Shah

Being the new generation of this legacy, my focus is on implementing the latest technological aids like Enterprise Resource Planning, Computer Aided Manufacturing, robotics, etc. to keep our traditional engineering business up to speed with the changing times while bringing value to our customers. I also emphasize on human resource initiatives to keep our productivity always on the upswing.