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Products of minig industry

Simplex, as part of its indigenous development of industrial equipment and components, has been venturing in to area of developing products for underground Coal Mines since last three decades. With the experts of the field who have vast knowledge of the mining industry. Simplex has been a pioneer in developing various equipment for under-ground coal mines for increasing productivity and safety of the workers.

Side Discharge Loaders
Side Discharge Loaders sdl

The Electro Hydraulic Crawler Mounted Side Discharge Loader (SDL) developed indigenously by Simplex is extremely suitable for Indian Mining Conditions. With a working population of more than 254, our SDL's are the best and rugged machine for underground coal mines.

Simplex has developed SDL for various seam thickness of Coal. SDLs are available in height range from 1100 mm to 1900 mm and bucket capacity 0.8 to 1.5 cu mtr.

Load Haul Dumpers
Load Haul Dumpers lhd

The Electro Hydraulic Tyre Mounted Load Haul Dumper (LHD) has been developed indigenously to suit Indian Mining Conditions.

Simplex has developed LHD for various seam thickness of Coal. LHDs are available in height range from 1350 mm to 1900 mm and bucket capacity up-to 3.0 cu meter. Buckets are availabl with push plate or conveyor Side Discharge Mechanism.

Mobile Crawler Mounted Universal Drill Machines

The Electro-Hydraulic Drill mechanises drilling operation, ensures safety to workers and in turn increases productivity in underground Coal mines. This drill can work in a gallery size of 2.0 m X 1.75 m up to 4.8 m X 3.8 m (W x H). It is capable of drilling holes up to 38 mm diameter in any direction up to a depth of 5 M. A 37 KW FLP motor is used to power the drill. It can drill in a strata of compressive strength up to 1000 kg/cm2. The overall dimensions of Universal Drill Machine is 1 m (Width) x 1.623 m (Height) x 4.607 m (Length). The UDM's are completely developed by Simplex and are unique machines which have revolutionised the concept of drilling operations in Board & Pillar mining operations.

Drill Macine
  • The UDM is a universal drill unit which can drill at various angles in all five faces i.e., Front, two Sides, Roof and Floor.
  • It is crawler mounted and self driven by use of hydraulic motors, gear box and sprocket-chain assembly. It is suitable for mucky and water mixed ground with low ground pressure (0.9 kg/cm2). Machine has good climbility, upto gradients of 1 in 4 and cross gradient of 1 in 6. It has low turning radius and so it is effective in narrow galleries.
  • As the drill has easy approach to the faces and good maneuverability, Blast Holes, Roof Bolting Holes, Floor Holes and Side Holes can be drilled comfortably with full safety.
  • It is cost effective for drilling in under ground mines with high drill rate and long service life.
  • The machine can be used to drill long holes at different angles without any extra effort only by adding drill rods through sockets.
  • All operations on machine are through hydraulic power. Hence, machine is light in weight and very compact. This is designed to ideally suit a gallery upto 3.5 m high and 4.5 m width in underground mines.
  • All electricals are flame proof and duly approved by DGMS, Dhanbad, India.
  • All hydraulic elements on machine are designed to work with fire resistant fluid, water oil emulsion (HFB-68/HFDU-68) or equivalent.
  • Universal drilling machine can be used with drill sizes in the range of 038-63 mm and drill depth of 5 m to 3 m respectively.

The machine is fully indigenous in design with parts available in the country. Modification and changes, if required, can be made easily to upgrade the machine features.

udm universal drill machine

Other Equipment Manufucterd
Shovel Buckets up to 10 cu. Meters.
Sigma Line Pans for Longwall.
150 Ton Crawler Mounted Roof Support for Underground Coal Mines
Coal Hauler
5 Ton Capacity Tyre Mounted Coal Hauler (Shuttle Car).
Mechanical / Hydraulic Props upto 100 ton capacity for Underground Coal Mines
600 TPH Mobile Crawler Mounted Crusher for Bauxite Mines.