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Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

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Products for Railways

Simplex is Research, Designs and Standard Organisation (RDSO) approved Fabricated Bogie Frame and Bolster manufacturer for Electric Locomotives, Diesel Locomotives, Coaches, Freight Wagons, Electrical Multiple Unit (EMU) and special purpose Bogies as per customer requirements. Simplex also manufactures and supplies Magnet Frames (Stator Frames), Machine Stator, Suspension Tubes, MSU Components, Under-Frames of Locomotives, Engine block/Crank Case, Main Base, Various Shafts and other such items, and caters to the needs of Indian Railways, General Electric Transport, BHEL, Kirloskar Electricals, Crompton Greaves, Kalyani Rail Tech, Rotomac, to name a few.

Bogie Frames are fabricated following strict quality control measures for achieving rigidity and toughness. Over 2000 Fabricated Bogie Frames are already working successfully with the Indian Railways. Simplex's rigid quality control ensures ability to withstand heavy impact. Simplex can undertake manufacture of special purpose Bogies as per customer requirement and can also supply these Bogies complete with Brake Rigging Arrangement.

We also undertake Repair and Refurbishment of used Bogie frames to add further life to them following stringent procedure approved by Indian Railways including Stress Relieving in specially made Heat Treatment Furnace

Simplex specialises in manufacturing heavy components such as Undercarriages, Superstructures, Jibs (Boom), etc., for Heavy Break Down Cranes of Indian Railways.

Simplex also manufactures and supplies track Machines such as Track Relaying Machine, Track Lifter and Shifter, etc.

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