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Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

Products for Steel Sector

Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd. has wide experience of manufacturing equipments and components for following areas of steel plants.

  • Coke Oven and By Product Plant.
  • Sinter Plant.
  • Blast Furnace.
  • BOF/ Converter shop and CCS.
  • Rolling Mills.

Simplex is a leading manufacturer of various types of special purpose Rolling Stocks/Cars for steel plants and other industries meeting various stringent customer requirements. Simplex is fully equipped with all the facilities required for design, manufacture and commissioning of cars/special purpose wagons, which include:

  • Charging Box Car for SMS.
  • Coil Cars for Rolling Mills.
  • Ladle Car and Slag pot transfer car for Blast Furnace.
  • Pusher Cars for Coke Ovens.
  • Ingot Mould Cars.
  • Slab Car Cars.
  • Platform Cars.
  • Transfer Cars

Simplex has an enviable reputation for reliable and quick deliveries of Rolling Stock. Quick shipments are usually possible because of the ready stock of materials on hand at our plant. Our Design Department is prepared to design Cars and Rolling Stock to suit specific requirements of our Customers. Over 150 special purpose cars have already been supplied to various clients.

Sinter Plant

Simplex Engineering and Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd. was the first Indian company to introduce Japanese sintering technology in India.

Simplex manufactures Sinter Pallet Assemblies of unique design with "Air Gap Sealing". Simplex specialises in all types of Pallet Assemblies and Cast Steel Pallet Cars. Simplex is the only exporter of SG Iron Pallets in India, matching international standards and technological advances. Two renowned steel plants of Japan have Simplex Pallet bodies working round the clock.

We make Sinter cars of any size as per customer's requirement for 36 M2 to 320 M2 Sintering machines.

Rotary kiln & Pallet car
Sponge Iron

Simplex started manufacturing Kiln, Cooler, ABC, DSC, etc. for Sponge Iron Plants way back in 1991. The first 100 TPD Kiln and Cooler Assembly was manufactured in 1991 is still working at 110% capacity.

Simplex has manufactured several 100/350/500 TPD Kiln and Cooler sets. The quality of equipments supplied by Simplex is much superior which increases production by reducing down time of Sponge Iron Plant.

Rotary kiln
Blast Furnace

Simplex was the first indian company to bring mini blast furnace concept in India and four decades of experience lies behind every item manufactured by Simplex for Blast Furnace.

Simplex supplies Blast Furnace Shells, Cooling Plates, Throat Armour, Furnace Top Equipments, Mud Guns, Tap Hole Drills, Slag Stoppers, Tuyere Stocks, Cast House Runners, Metal and Slag Ladle Cars, Pig Casting Machines, Torpedo Ladle Cars, Charging Equipments, High Line Equipments, Stove equipment like Grids and Columns, Stove Valves, Dust Catcher equipment, Gas Cleaning equipment and Gas Holders.

Mud gun
Mud gun

In short, Simplex can manufacture the entire range of equipments required for the Blast Furnace complex. Simplex has manufactured and supplied Blast Furnace Shells for the Blast Furnace No. 3 of the Rourkela Steel Plant in individual segments duly bent as per drawings. The control assembly of the segments was carried out in our shop.

Steel Melting Shop

World leaders like Nippon Steel use Simplex made Ladles.

Simplex manufactures a range of equipment and components for Steel Melting Shops such as Turntables, Ingot Mould Cars, Ladle Paw, Structure for Arc Furnace, Ingot Mould, Hot Metal Ladle Car, Transfer Car, Hot Metal Mixer.

Scrap charging bucket
Scrap charging bucket & Equilizing beam
Rolling Mill

Simplex manufactures and supply Rolling Mill equipments for:

  • Hot Rolling Mill.
  • Cold Rolling Mill.
  • Bar & section Mill.
  • Wire Rod Mill.

We undertake Turnkey projects in consortium with world renowned Designers of Rolling Mill Equipments. Some of the major items manufactured and supplied by us:

  • Roller Tables.
  • Mill Stands and Chocks.
  • Cooling Beds.
  • Crop Shears.
  • Deburring Rolls.
  • Roll Changing Devices.
  • Pinch Roller.

Simplex has also executed several projects as consortium partners, such as:

  • 200,000 Tonne Bar Section Mill for Sunflag Industries, Designed and Engineered by Mannesmann Demag Sack, Germany.
  • Modernisation of Rail and Structural Mill for Bhilai Steel Plant.
  • Modernisation of Hot Strip Mill for Bokaro Steel Plant.
  • Stackle Mill for Salem Steel Plant along with SMS Germany.
Multi stage gear box housing
Machine roll for roller table frame

Products for Aluminium Sector

Fabricated pot-shell
Anode stem bracket
Pot Room

Simplex is a leading manufacturer of equipment’s and spares for the Aluminium refining industry. We have supplied item like fabricated pot shell, anode stem bracket etc to leading companies like national aluminium company limited (NALCO) and Bharat Aluminium company limited (BALCO) now Vedanta.