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Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

On the occasion of National Safety Week, the Company organised several events to promote safe working and to reiterate the the commitment of each individual in Simplex towards safety. The event included pinning of safety badge on every individual, safety Oath, safety Poster and safety Slogan competition, Safety Audits of all manufacturing bays focusing on electrical safety, fire safety, personal protective equipment, house keeping and machine tool guards was carried out by the safety officer and his appointed safety committee. Documentary film "Surkha Giri Munna Circuit style" was played to create awareness on all types of industrial safety. A Running trophy for best bay in house keeping was kept which was won by Machine Shop no-2 unit-1 and Machine Shop no-1 unit-3. Safety training was also imparted to all the workers, Supervisors, Job in-charges, Production maintenance and quality control staff by way of video films in hindi language . The findings of the safety audits were shared with the concerned and awareness regarding the lacuna's found were also shared.