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Simplex Engineering & Foundry Works Pvt. Ltd.

Products for Power Sector

Simplex has been catering to the needs of Power Plants in India from last four decades. Simplex has been consistently supplying various fabricated/cast and machined intricate components to major OEMs and Power Plant builders in India, which is a recognition of its rigid quality control coupled with prompt deliveries and competitive prices.

Hydro-electric Power

Products manufactured by Simplex for Hydroelectric Power industry:

  • Spiral Casing
  • Stator Frame
  • Stator Core Clamping Assembly
  • Stator Handling Tooling
  • Stator Stacking Tooling
  • Stator Stand
  • Upper Bearing Bracket
  • Impeller
  • Collector Hood
  • Upper Floor
  • Draft Tube
  • Stay Ring
Pump Casing
  • Rotor Spider
  • Clamping Rotor Rim
  • Bearing Track
  • Lower Guide Bearing
Thermal Power

A long standing association with industry majors the world over, has led Simplex to meet the challenge of ever demanding quality standards of international competence in equipments and components for Thermal power plants such as:

  • Fabricated Mill Base and Gear Housing for Bowl Mills as an import substitute
  • Air inlet housing
  • Separator Top
  • Journal opening Cover
  • Drive joint
  • Circulating water pumps
  • Boiler Structures
Separator body
Bottom Housing
Mill Housing
Wind Power

All major wind mill manufacturers of India buy wind mill components from Simplex. Scarcity and high costs of conventional energy sources have forced man to look at non-conventional power sources like wind. Wind energy has increasingly become a more acceptable alternative, adding and re-generating the traditional energy sources to keep the environment pollution free.

Reinforcing cap & Support structure

Simplex manufactures a wide variety of components and equipment for Windmills developed by experts in the field such as:

  • Conical Towers
  • King Pins
  • Nacelle Bed Frames
  • Main Carrier
  • Stator Bells
  • Stator Rings
  • Disc Rotors
  • Stator Plates
  • Stator Frames.